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Senor Elmerez Performs The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare

50 GBP

Senor Elmerez Performs The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare
2016 is the  400th anniversary of the  death
of William Shakespeare, 
so Robert Rubbish brings you a new print
that  celebrates both the life and death of the bard.
Senor Elmerez came to robert in dream many moons
ago and he was inspired to make 
this artwork.

Limited edition, screen print
Signed and numbered by the artist
in an edition of 100
Heritage Book white paper 315gsm
A2 paper size 
137.2cm x 101.6cm

Robert Rubbish is one of the founding members of LE GUN magazine.Buy robert rubbish Original Art and Art Prints www.robertrubbish.com 

Born in 1973, Robert Rubbish Greene studied Communication Art & Design at Royal College of Art in London from 2003 – 2005.

Historic London is an especially inspirational place for his work which brings together his interests in curiosities, joke shops, facial hair, Victorian punk revivalism and gin.

Between 2006 and 2010, Robert collaborated with Paul V Lawford on a project called ‘The Rubbish Men of Soho’. They took their inspiration from Soho’s rich mythology and added new narratives, performing live gigs in a style which they christened ‘Victorian Punk Revivalism’.

Robert took is nom de plume Robert Rubbish from being in 'The Rubbish Men of Soho'.

He has recently directed his first feature length film 'A One Eyed Man in the Kingdom of the Blind'.