The Lorelei Mural

The Lorelei Mural

Robert Rubbish takes Cathi Unsworth on A Drift through Soho…

…then to Bateman Street (Lorelei mural)…

CU The Lorelei, like Bar Burno, was an authentic family-run Italian Old Soho café that The Kid in Absolute Beginners would likely have frequented. The mural of the mermaid took up an entire wall – although strangely the legend of Lorelei is a German one. This perhaps sums up the fusion of cultures that has always been a Soho hallmark?

RR If there’s one place that I miss in Soho its the Lorelei – I had so many great times in there. The Lorelei was a time capsule, a place that connected Soho past and present. The mural was amazing and even though it was based on the German legend, it seemed to me to be about Soho the siren, beckoning the sailor to the rocks. Yes, the history of Soho is all about different cultures mixing and bringing their food culture and styles, and no more so than in the coffee shop boom of the 1950s.

Archival Giclee print on German etching paper
signed and numbered by the artist
limited edition of 100
A3 297 x 420 mm

90 GBP